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President's Report

Hello Chapter Members and Friends,

I hope you all are staying sane and keeping healthy!  I wanted to update you on a few happenings and ask of your feedback as well.  As we all are either working from home and/or trying to find new things to keep us busy, there’s some exciting chapter and regional news to share with you to help with that.

First off, the exciting opportunity.   ARMA Connecticut and ARMA Boston have been collaborating on how to make the two chapters stronger and support each other.  During our collaboration sessions, we’ve come to the exciting idea that the two chapters should merge to become ARMA New England.  This gives us some wonderful opportunities to have one board with stronger and broader talent of people and it allows for a broader membership base where we have New England states without chapters whereby, they can now have that opportunity.  It provides a broader base of potential committee members to support the multitude of activities that it takes to really make a chapter successful, potential roadshow opportunities in each state or as close as we can to that with support from members from each state and a wealth of knowledge to tap into. 

Now, this isn’t a done deal.  This is just us in both leadership camps trying to be innovative and provide support for a broader base of members that are in need.  So much untapped talent out there and we strongly believe this is an opportunity to innovate and improve for all.  We still have a lot of things to work on to make this happen and hope to have it solidified by the start of the new season in support of an ARMA New England.

So please send me your constructive thoughts and ideas no later than May 22nd to [email protected]

(Leadership ballots will be sent out very soon, so it is important to receive your feedback in a timely manner and please, feel free to suggest yourself as a leadership candidate or as a committee member.)

Secondly, it has been decided that the Regional Leadership Conference will be virtual this year.  So, if you are interested in taking a more active role in chapter leadership or to serve on a committee, please see below for more details and let us know of your intent to participate.  This is your opportunity to build ‘your’ brand and to share and build additional leadership skills. 

From : Chris Bednar/Northeast Region Director, Ray Davis/Mid-Atlantic Region Director

To                         Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Region Chapter Leaders

Re:                       ARMA Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Virtual RLC “Lite”

Date:                   June 26 2020 ….. 9:00am – 12:00 Noon

Cost:                    No Charge

It was disappointing to cancel our June 2020 Regional Leadership Conference, but we are excited to bring you an abbreviated “virtual” version. The goal is to replace a small portion of this year’s postponed conference with critical information to ensure that our chapters are set up to succeed as you turn over your board and prepare your planning for 2020-2021.

This virtual RLC  is intended for all ARMA Northeast and MidAtlantic board members, committee members, incoming board members, plus any chapter leaders you would like to invite due to their contributions to your chapter.

Tentative Virtual RLC-Lite Agenda – June 26, 2020

  • Hour 1 – intro, quick intros, ARMA HQ update, review roles at HQ, Region and Chapter level
  • Hour 2 – position breakouts led by advisors – use materials on Chapter Central and ensure good mix of veterans plus rookies (using Zoom breakout room function)
  • Hour 3 – regroup and discuss how to innovate remotely using our new experiences


With any luck, we will hold an in-person conference in November 2020 in Salem, MA which was the original plan for this year’s RLC.

If you can attend, PLEASE EMAIL: [email protected] with the following information about you so we can hold your spot;

  • Name
  • Chapter Name
  • Chapter Position
  • Email Address
  • Phone


You will receive a confirmation for your records.  Looking forward to “virtually” seeing you on June 26, 2020 !!!

-Chris & Ray



Thirdly, there are other chapters in the region that are putting on virtual events and we encourage you to find some of those on our website and check out the other chapter websites to help with sustaining those CEUs and refraining from boredom.   ARMA Boston events

Hope all are healthy, safe and staying in good spirits!

Kindest regards,

Donda L. Young, CIP

ARMA Boston Chapter President

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