Governance, Collaboration, and File Store and Share: Three Amigos or Unholy Alliance?


April 16, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Join ARMA Boston in April for a fun and educational event with Steve Weissman, Senior Project Manager; Information Governance Expert for Valora Technologies. Steve will speak on Governance, Collaboration, and File Store and Share: Three Amigos or Unholy Alliance?                         

Let’s say you work for a place that wants its people to collaborate more, and someone went ahead and signed up for an enterprise file share and storage service (EFSS) like Box to further this agenda. Or perhaps you are that someone and are considering this as a next-step.

Either way, you’re a records- and governance-minded person, so you know how important it is to ensure the information house in such a place is properly protected and managed. What you’re less sure about is whether anyone included that perspective in their technology or policy decisions – or how best to include it yourself.

This session explores governance, EFSS, and collaboration to determine whether they’re natural partners or unlikely confederates – and how to approach the question when you’re faced with it.

About the Speaker:
Steve Weissman, The Info Gov Guy™, Senior Project Manager & IG Expert at Valora Technologies Steve Weissman has spent 25+ years helping organizations better manage, leverage, and protect their business-critical information. Known as “The Info Gov Guy™,” he is an internationally renowned consultant, instructor, and public speaker who is uniquely accessible for a thought leader of his experience and stature.A Member of the AIIM Company of Fellows and Co-Founder of the Information Coalition (now merged with ARMA), Steve is Senior Project Manager and IG Expert at Valora Technologies; prior to that, he spent more than a decade as the force behind innovative consultancy Holly Group. 


Find Steve at:
– Tel: 781-229-2265
– Email: sw[email protected]
– Twitter: steveweissman
– LinkedIn: steveweissman


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