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Presidential Message #1 August 2020

Aug. 13, 2020

   Live, Laugh, and 

Leave A Legacy 

By: Mark Carter, President ARMA New England

It is with such an honor that I take the reins as President of ARMA New England from Donda Young.   YES, I did say ARMA New England!  We have officially formed a better community in New England by combining the ARMA Connecticut and Boston chapters.  Susan Gleason, former President of the Connecticut chapter, Donda Young, former President of ARMA Boston and I have been talking about this collaboration for a few years, and it’s now a reality.


We are living in such a different, changing time that we formed this community when we are all starting to work from home and adapting to change.  We all need to embrace change & embrace the technology that is going to help us with this change.   For the foreseeable future, we are going to be a virtual chapter, but now a chapter of six states.


My Goal during these unprecedented times is to make sure we’re all learning, having a good time, and laughing.  Laughter is essential for all of us since we’re doing things differently; let’s enjoy one another uniqueness, and let’s enjoy this great community.  Billy Joel says, “I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the Saints”


Lastly, I would like for our board of directors to leave a legacy!  We are creating a New England organization that is going to be better for all six states within our region, and we want to make sure we’re building this correctly.   So, the Board and I would like to invite members and non-members of ARMA New England to become more involved in the community.  Volunteer to be a state champion and let us serve your state the best way possible.  Together we can leave this organization in a better place. 


We cannot wait to get started, and hope that you will join in the excitement that the future holds for us all!

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